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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tuffy Teaser 2016: Week 11

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.  Tuffy may be stubborn, but he is not actually a candidate for involuntary commitment.  In an attempt to shake off an extended losing streak, Tuffy has invited Snorty Pig to make this week's picks.

Despite his name, Snorty Pig is a dog.  A Boston Terrier, to be exact.  The same principles apply to this week's column, but instead of picking in favor of teams with cat mascots, Snorty Pig has picked a 3-team teaser that goes against the cat mascots.

Snorty Pig
Snorty Pig can smell the money
Tuffy's 2016 Tally:  $4
2016 Record:  3-4
Tuffy's Total Tally:  $27
All Time Record:  9-9

Saturday, November 12.  12:00 p.m. EST

Kentucky Wildcats         +20
Tennessee Volunteers     -8

The Tennessee Volunteers started off the season 5-0 with a couple wins over top teams before Texas A&M knocked off the Volunteers in double overtime.  Since then, the Volunteers have swooned a bit.  The Vols come into this game at 6-3.  Kentucky comes into the game with a respectable 5-4 record.  The Wildcats have hung close in most of their losses, but they have not played many teams as good as the Volunteers.  The Wildcats will likely cover this teased spread, too, but Snorty is picking Big Orange at home.

Saturday, November 12.  7:00 p.m. EST

LSU Tigers                        -1
Arkansas Razorbacks     +13

The LSU Tigers have to be the best 3-loss team in the nation, but road games in the SEC are always a challenge.  The only home blemish for Arkansas this year came at the hands of mighty Alabama.  LSU is not an offensive juggernaut.  The Tigers may very well control most of this game on most sides of the ball, but the Razorbacks will cover the teased 13-point spread on their home turf.

Saturday, November 12.  10:00 p.m. EST

Colorado Buffaloes     -11
Arizona Wildcats         +23

For many of you younger readers, the idea of Colorado having a good football team is nothing more than lore that old folks talk about along with stuff like rotary phones and being able to do math in your head.  But, the Buffs are back.  And Arizona?  Well, the Wildcats are terrible.  Arizona has lost six straight games including a 62-point loss to Washington State last weekend.  The Buffaloes will stampede into a Tucson win by two touchdowns.

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