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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Football Fashionista

This post is a little late.  But, I was in an internet challenged zone during the weekend.  Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally rivalry weekend in college football.  That means plenty of teams broke out special uniforms.  As I have made clear before, I am not really a fan of wearing alternate uniforms ... ever.  Alabama and Auburn had it right, as usual.  They played the Iron Bowl in their iconic, traditional uniforms. But, I have picked out three non-traditional uniforms that stood out from the pack this weekend. 

 All White is All Right.  I am undoubtedly partial to this look after a lifetime of watching Penn State.  But two teams looked extra sharp this weekend when they broke out alternate, all white unis.

In its showdown in Charlottesville against UVA, Virginia Tech donned their white uniforms, complete with white helmets.  These uniforms have a bit of a retro look to them.  But, as far as I know, they are not actually throw-backs to a previous era.  Apparently, the Hokies adopted the look-good-feel-good approach for the game.  They demolished the Cavaliers (who, incidentally, looked terrible in orange jerseys).

UCLA played a meaningless game this weekend against their cross-town rivals USC.  And the Bruins played that way.  They took a drubbing at the hands of the Trojans.  But, at least they looked good.  UCLA traditionally has cool and classy uniforms with gold pants and gold helmets.  No striping.  But, this all white look was pretty sharp.  Unfortunately for UCLA, that did not translate into sharp play.  I have a feeling these uniforms will stay in SoCal when the Bruins travel to Oregon this weekend for the inaugural PAC 12 Championship Game.

Cardinal Red.  After a disappointing Saturday of lopsided outcomes, I was really looking forward to watching Stanford play Notre Dame.  And then Stanford put on uniforms that made the game almost unwatchable.  Red on on red with black helmets, black numbers ... and ... gasp ... red shoes.  I can't say these uniforms were garrish.  Actually, they were quite the opposite.  The helmets were actually matte.  Hopefully, the Cardinal will be back in their red and white uniforms for their bowl game.  I would hate to have America's last collegiate image of Andrew Luck be in that red mess.

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