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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Football Fashionista: Monochromatic Magic

One of my favorite parts of the EA Sports NCAA Football video game franchise is the customization of uniforms and equipment.  It's a tomboy's dream.  It's like playing Barbie and football at the same time.  Turns out, I am by no means alone in my obsession with football fashion.  Football uniforms are big business.  And many college football teams look at their uniforms as a recruiting tool ... whether that be snazzy, ever-changing color combos at new-comers to the big time scene or the iconic, unchanging uniforms worn by historical powers. 

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)
So, here are three schools that caught my eye this weekend.

NC State.  The Wolfpack celebrated senior day with a monochromatic red look.  I am normally, morally opposed to changing the color of your helmet.  But State looked great in these uniforms.  Apparently, they felt great, too.  Dressed in red, they woke up from a season-long sleep-walk and trounced the Clemson Tigers.  I like the subtle S on the hip.  I especially like that they resisted any stripes on the pants or jerseys.

Oregon:  Thanks to Phil Knight's affiliation with the school, the Ducks wear something new every single week.  With all those changes, there are bound to be some horror shows.  The Ducks have been known to burn the retinas of their fans with all kinds of neon nonsense.  There have been times when the Ducks actually made me regret owning an HDTV.  But, last night they appeared on national television in very formal, all black uniforms.  Even the names on the backs of their jerseys were black.  It actually took me three quarters of scrutiny to determine that the names were actually on there.  Of course, they still had those ridiculous wings on their shoulders.  But, overall, I thought they looked stunning.  Unfortunately for the Ducks, good looks didn't translate into good play as they were upset at home by USC.

University of South Florida.  Yeah, I know these uniforms were in support of a good cause.  But, that does not make them a good idea.  The USF Bulls played Miami at home this weekend.  In a tribute to the Wounded Warriors Project, USF wore something that I suppose was intended to look like camouflage.  I wish they had been a little more camouflaged so that I could not actually see them.  It's simply shocking to the system when The U is wearing the conservative garb.  The helmet and the shoulder designs would have been bad enough.  But, the shoes and butt stripe are just outrageous.

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