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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cooking with Banshee: Cherry Beer Margaritas

The oppressive heat wave continues to hang over much of the country.  Perhaps there is no better drink on a hot day than a margarita.  This recipe was sent to me by my culinary hero Molly Mayhoff.  For you purists out there, I admit that this does not taste like a traditional margarita.  But it is tasty.  It is salty sweet.   And it goes nicely with a variety of foods and snacks.  This recipe makes a small pitcher.

Cherry Beer Margaritas.

12 oz frozen, condensed limeade
12 oz Diet Cherry 7-Up
12 oz Corona Light (or beer of your choice)
12 oz gold tequila

Let the limeade thaw a bit.  Empty the limeade into the pitcher and stir it until there aren't any big, frozen clumps.  Add the soda, the beer and the tequila.  Stir enough to combine, but try not to ruin all the fizz.  Fill salt-rimmed glasses with ice.  Pour and enjoy!

For a more traditional margarita recipe and tips on how to make a salt-rimmed glass, check out Wild Banshee's Gold Margaritas.

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