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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Banshee Bracket Bonanza

The Banshee Bracket Bonanza is back!  This year, the prizes are better and so is the competition.  Joseph Nardone, a senior college basketball writer at Rant Sports, and Jinx Grand of JGSportsTalk and  Sports With Three have brought a little class and some credentials to the competition.  And, of course, Chris Carlberg is back to defend his title.  So, what's at stake this year?  In addition to twelve months of bragging rights, this year's winner will receive a 12-month subscription to ESPN the Magazine and ESPN Insider.  Those of you who follow Wild Banshee on Twitter know that I have been pretty angry at times with the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports.  But the magazine is pretty slick.  And the Insider content comes in pretty handy, especially come fantasy football season.  What if you already subscribe?  Well, then I applaud you for your good taste ... and we'll come up with something else.  Second place will win the DVD of their choice from the Banshee Sports Movie List.

So, follow this link:  Banshee Bracket Bonanza and fill out your brackets.  Good luck, everyone!

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