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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Temper Temper: Sports Tantrums of Summer

Summer is now in our rear view mirror.  As usual, the summer months brought us hot temperatures and hotter tempers.  The lack of self control reared it's ugly head in all different sports.  So, without further ado, Banshee Sports proudly presents the best sports tantrums of the summer.

1.  Blaming the Tools.  According to the old adage, "A good carpenter never blames his tools."  Well, apparently, that is not the motto of Charl Schwartzel.  After an unsatisfactory shot out of the fescue at the British Open, Schwartzel decided that he did not need the services of his iron for the remainder of this round.

2.  Papi Mad! Papi Smash!  On July 28, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox was called out on strikes in a Baltimore.  Papi disagreed with the call.  And, in fine baseball tradition, Papi took out his frustration on an inanimate object in the dugout.  The most noteworthy part of the clip is the complete disregard he has for the safety of those sitting nearby.

3.  Friday Night Fights.  I know that people in Texas think they have the market cornered on serious high school football.  Well, evidently, things can get pretty serious on Friday nights in Pennsylvania, too.  On September 6, Hamburg High faced off against Anville-Cleona.  In the third quarter, a skirmish broke out between the two teams.  Joey Cominsky, a senior quarterback and safety for Hamburg, ripped the helmet off an opposing lineman and then beat him over the head with it.  Cominsky was ejected from the game and served a mandatory one-game suspension.  His status beyond that will be up to Hamburg High School.

4.  Stand By Your Man.  Two race car drivers going after each other after a race is pretty common place.  But, after the Camping World Truck Series on September 1, Mike Skeen's girlfriend decided to get into the act.  Skeen and Max Papis got together in the final corner of the road race with Skeen getting the worst of the collision.  Skeen and Papis exchanged words and gestures on the cool down lap.  But, Kelly Heaphy evidently didn't think her man had the manhood to stand up for himself and assaulted Papis during a post race interview.  Even if that is true, Papis should not have publicly admitted that.

5. Punter Gets Booted.  This is certainly not the worst football brawl I've ever seen.  It's not even the worst one in this post.  But, it is the first football fight I've ever seen that was started by a punter.  It's a bad all around sequence for #10 for San Jose State.  First, he gets decked like a little boy on the onside kick.  And then when he tries to avenge his honor, he gets ejected from the game for his troubles.  Oh yeah.  And his team loses to Minnesota.  This video was hard to track down, so you'll have to follow the link.

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