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Friday, April 11, 2014

March Madness Master

The NCAA basketball season wrapped up on Monday night when the UConn Huskies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats to capture the national championship.  But, Dallas, TX was not the only place where a champion was crowned.  Here at Banshee Sports, the hotly contested tournament challenge also came to an end.

Joseph Lee is the winner of the third annual Banshee Bracket Bonanza.  Mr. Lee went with his alma mater and picked the Virginia Cavaliers to win the tournament, but a strong first two rounds carried him to victory.  Joseph defeated a strong field of entrants that included two past winners and a bevy of sports writers and bloggers.

Because the Final Four took place in the Lone Star State, the first place prize has a Texas theme.  As a reward for his mastery of March Madness, Joseph will receive a six-month subscription to the Salsa of the Month Club.  The second place prize this year is a one-time delivery of chocolate covered bacon.

This year, there was a tie for second place.  Yeah, Yahoo! has a tie-breaker method.  But, the Banshee is a benevolent dictator, so both Eric Harrison and Jenna will be receiving a the coveted bacon prize.

Thank you to everyone who played this year.  And, congratulations to Mr. Lee.  Until next year ....

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