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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bracket Challenge Update: It's Madness

Two weeks ago, the NCAA basketball tournament began with 68 hopeful teams.  Likewise, the Banshee Bracket Challenge began two weeks ago with 21 hopeful entrants vying for bragging rights and a subscription to Tailgater Magazine.  It's time to analyze the possible victors under the eight possible scenarios this weekend.

The NCAA field is now whittled down to four teams:  Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Syracuse.  As we head into the final weekend of the tournament, Julie Chittock leads the Banshee Bracket Challenge with 79 points and a bracket named "My Kids Picks."  Julie also has the highest possible remaining score, but she does not yet have the competition clinched.

I am not a math major, but it appears that in addition to Julie Chittock, there are four others who still have a chance to win the Banshee Bracket Challenge.  The remaining contenders are Jamee Wetzel (3rd place), TSkeet (5th place), Jason Todd (tied for 7th place) and Jeff Greenberg (tied for 7th place).  I'm not willing to swear to this under oath, but here is what I believe is the path to victory for each of the remaining contenders.

If Oklahoma wins the championship then Julie wins the challenge.  End of story.  Julie also wins the challenge if Syracuse beats Oklahoma in the final game.

If Villanova wins the championship then TSkeet wins the challenge.  The other side of the bracket does not matter.

If Villanova plays for the title but loses to North Carolina, then Jason Todd wins the challenge.

If Villanova plays for the title but loses to Syracuse then Jamee Wetzel wins the challenge.

That covers seven of the eight possible scenarios.  In the eighth scenario, North Carolina defeats Oklahoma in the championship game.  In that case, Jeff Greenberg will win the challenge.

So there you have it, folks.

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