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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Temper Temper: Sports Tantrums of Spring

It's time for a change of seasons.  You know what that means.  It's time for Banshee Blog to flood your senses with the worst displays of self-control the sports world had to offer over the last three months. Spring may be a time for flowers and baby animals.  But, in the sports world, the season of new beginnings brought us some incredible displays of bad temper.  Without further ado ... Temper, Temper: Spring Edition.

1.  Ubaldo Jimenez Makes Business Personal.  I knew baseball would provide some good fodder for the recurring Temper, Temper feature.  I did not expect the sparks to start flying even before the season started.  On April 1, the Cleveland Indians played the Colorado Rockies in a spring training game.  Ubaldo Jimenez made the start for the Indians.  To understand what you are about to see, you need a little background.  Ubaldo Jimenez played for the Rockies for the first five years of his career.  In 2010, Jimenez threw the first no-hitter in Rockies' history.  Jimenez also started the All Star game for the National League that year.  At the end of the 2010 season, the Rockies gave a lucrative contract extension to shortstop and fellow All Star, Troy Tulowitzki.   Jimenez was not offered an extension and was reportedly irked at the perceived slight.  Midway through 2011, Jimenez was traded to the Cleveland Indians for a bunch of guys that only Buster Olney has ever heard of.  Jimenez finally got to face his former teamates during spring training this year.  And, of course, Jimenez did the only logical thing and fired a rock-hard sphere directly into Tulowitzki's elbow.

2. World Peace on Earth Day.  The irony of all this made it mandatory content for this post.  First of all, we have a man who has named himself Metta World Peace throwing a haymaker of an elbow at an unsuspecting James Harden.  For those of you who are a little more old school, Metta World Peace is the player formerly known as Ron Artest.  The same Ron Artest who was the star of the Malice in the Palace in 2004.  Second, Mr. World Peace did this on April 22 ... Earth Day.  Mr. Peace claimed on Twitter that he was just celebrating his dunk when Harden unfortunately got in his path.  Yeah, not buying that.  Not only is the wind-up ferocious, but Peace continues beating his chest after leveling Harden.  Then check out the :15 mark where Peace squares up to fight Ibaka. 

3.  Kurt Busch.  No commentary needed.

4.  Keep Your Eye on the Ball ... Not the Mic.  Last week at the U.S. Open, the Olympic Club brought the world's best golfers to their knees.  If Sergio Garcia had made the same solid contact with the ball as he did with ESPN's microphone then maybe he wouldn't have come up 20 yards short on this par 3.

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