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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Football Fashionista: Adidas Edition

Quick!  What college football team are you looking at?

If you answered the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, then you are either clairvoyant or follow college football uniform trends religiously.  Or your eyesight is good enough to read the word "Irish" on the front of that weird looking jersey.

Before we get back to Notre Dame, I want to focus on two other schools.  The last few years have been wild in the world of college football fashion.  Until now, most Big Ten schools and have chosen to take the high road and dress in uniforms that have stood the test of time ... or are, at the very least, recognizeable.  Well, this year, Adidas has changed that.

On September 29, Nebraska will host Wisconsin in Lincoln.  Both are Adidas schools.  And both will be wearing alternate uniforms that can only be described as "bizarre."

Nebraska traditional
Nebraska's new look

Wisconsin's new look

Wisconsin traditional

But, Adidas did not use up all their creativity on this game on Wisconsin and Nebraska.  On October 6, Notre Dame will square off against Miami in a neutral site game to be played at Soldier Field in Chicago.  And when they do, Adidas will have the Irish decked out in flashy alternate uniforms.  There will be stripes on the pants.  An unusual font for the numbers and letters.  And gloves that form the image of a leprechaun when players strike a celebrati.  But most shockingly of all, Notre Dame's iconic gold helmets will not be part of the ensemble.  Instead, the helmets will be off-balanced, two-tone, garish monstrosities.

Out with the old ... in with the weird.

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  1. What on earth....? Knute Rockne is rolling over in his grave. I bet even Rudy won't want to watch them in those uniforms.