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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

King of the NFL Pick 'Em

Jerry Wetzel with one of his many fantasy football trophies
The NFL regular season has come to an end.  That also signaled the end of the Banshee Sports NFL Pick 'Em Competition.  The champion for 2014 is none other than Jerry Wetzel.  If that name sounds familiar, that may because Jerry also won second place in the 2013 March Madness contest.  Or, it could be because Jerry Wetzel is my father.

The Banshee Sports NFL Pick 'Em Competition involved straight up picks (no point spread involved) with assigned confidence points.  On his way to victory, Jerry posted a record of 170-85.  The second place entry was Art Guthman with a record of 168-87.  Interestingly, J.B. Errico also posted a record of 170-85 but finished in third place due to confidence point allocations.

As a reward for his excellent prognostications throughout the NFL season, Jerry has won a six-month subscription to the barbecue sauce of the month club.  Trust me, Jerry Wetzel is not always as smug as he looks in this picture, so if he invites you over to share the fruits of his labors on the grill, you should accept.

All in all, the inaugural Banshee Sports NFL Pick 'Em competition was a resounding success.  If you want to make sure you are part of the fun next year, leave a comment or drop me a line.

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