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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Temper Temper: Sports Tantrums of Fall

As autumn came and went, the warmth of summer gave way to the cold of winter.  But, in the sports world, the cooling of the temperatures did not correlate to the cooling of tempers.  It's time to look back on the best sports tantrums of fall.

1.  Sticks and Stones.  Every team has a few crazy fans, but it seems like Alabama football might have the market cornered on crazy middle aged women.  The winter edition of Temper Temper for 2014 included a mother of three going all WWE on a young Oklahoma fan at the Sugar Bowl.  After an October loss to Ole Miss this fall, this old-sounding lady lit into Paul Finebaum on the radio.  I'm not sure what Paawwwl said to provoke this, but clearly Phyllis from Mulga thought it was fightin' words.

2.  Stealth Mode.  When NASCAR changed their postseason format this year, the goal was to ratchet up the intensity on the track.  Mission accomplished.  But, when the engines were turned off at the end of the races, the tempers were just getting fired up.  After the October night race in Charlotte, things got a bit carried away in the garage area.  This clip starts with a little bit of bumper cars.  Then there is some pushing and shoving and shouting between the #2 team and the #11 team.  Just when things appeared to have cooled down, Matt Kenneth unleashes a stealth attack on Brad Keselowski.  And, yes, these guys are both former series champions.

3.  Haymakers and Hans Devices.  Less than a month after the fracas in Charlotte, Brad Keselowski found himself in the middle of another brawl.  This fight starts in earnest when Kevin Harvick pushes Keselowski from behind into a group of Jeff Gordon's crew members.  Then it's on.  My favorite part of this clip is the crowd noise.  I don't know if this was broadcast on the big screen displays at Texas Motor Speedway or if the fans could actually see the action from their seats.  Either way, it sounds like a WWE event.

4.  Tell Us How You Really Feel.  Despite never having won fewer than nine games in a season, Bo Pelini was fired as head football coach of Nebraska.  On his way out the door, Pelini told his players exactly how he felt about the university administration.  And, it wasn't pretty.  This was supposed to be a private meeting, but the audio leaked.  This speech goes on for quite a while, but you get the gist in the first five minutes.  Another gem comes around the 16:45 mark when Pelini says, "This stays here."  Warning: this clip is NSFW.

5.  Don't Tug on Superman's Cape.  The NFC South has been so dismal, this fight is the best thing that happened in this division all season long.  I'm not a big fan of the Superman celebration, but I am a big fan of backing it up if you're going to do it.  In this video, Cam Newton gets in the face of the Saints defenders who took umbrage to his antics.  Then a fight breaks out that spills into the hallway of the Super Dome.

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