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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Sports Tantrums of 2015

2015 was a memorable year for sports fans.  We witnessed a tremendous Super Bowl, the fight of the century between Maweather and Pacquiao and a Triple Crown winner.  But not all the memorable moments of the sports year were great achievements.  In fact, some of them were downright shameful.  These moments are presented in chronological order, not order of magnitude.  Here are the best sports tantrums of 2015.

1.  Cat Fight.  This incident involves mostly women, but the only reason "cat fight" is an appropriate term for this brawl is because it is between the Texas Southern Tigers and the Southern Jaguars.  Texas Southern had a one game lead in the SWAC standings when they hosted Southern on March 8, 2015.  Southern had a two-point lead midway through the second half when this bench clearing brawl broke out.  The fight involves players, cheerleaders and apparently a fan or two.  It was so violent that officials ended the game.  As a result, the two teams ended up tied for the regular season title.  You can skip through the preliminary nonsense at start the video at the 45 second mark.  My favorite part of this video comes at 1:45 when the Texas Southern mascot does a swagger prance at mid court.

2.  Dirty Girl.  I'm pretty old school.  I believe there is a place for physical intimidation even in girl's high school sports.  But, this catcher in the Texas 4A softball state championship game definitely crossed the line.  Not once but twice.  The thing I don't understand about this video is why the opposing team didn't take any action to retaliate.  Rest assured that if this happened in a game in the coal region of Pennsylvania, punches would be thrown.

3.  Going Postal.  This video makes the list because it is so unusual.  Not only does it involve the typically non-violent world of cycling, but it involves someone who isn't even in the race.  I understand that delivering the mail is serious business, but it's not like the Tour de France route should have come as a surprise to anyone.  This video is worth watching with the sound on.  French swearing is always funny.

4.  Manager Meltdown.  Alaska is not widely known for its heated baseball rivalries, but in mid July of 2015, the Peninsula Oilers and the Anchorage Bucs dropped the gloves and went at it.  Baseball fights usually have a lot of milling around and "hold me back" moments, but not this fight.  This fight has a few haymakers.  The reason this is so unique, though, is because the haymakers are thrown by the managers.

5. Shadow Boxing.  Much like mostly everything involving the University of Texas, this brawl against the Baylor Bears was overhyped.  But, thanks to Vine gurus, this gem from the incident was dug up and highlighted in the Twitterverse.  The comedic value of this Texas player putting up his dukes must be celebrated.

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