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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Temper Temper: Sports Tantrums of Fall

Fall has changed to winter.  On the east coast, it still feels a lot like summer.  Perhaps those hot temperatures are reflecting the hot tempers we have seen on the fields of play over the past couple months.  The NBA season is underway and the NHL is in full swing.  Yet somehow, this is a college football centered tantrums post.  Here are the best sports tantrums of fall.

1. Shadow Boxing.  During the Cold War, Ronald Reagan preached "peace through strength."  The idea was that if you were ready for war then your enemies would not start a war.  Evidently, that is what this Texas player believed during this bench clearing staring match between Texas and Baylor.

2. Swagger.  The U.  Those words alone make opponents bristle and make fans get ready for a scrap. When Miami played Georgia Tech, emotions boiled over after the final whistle.  There are a few skirmishes between the players in this game, but the best part of this scene is when Sebastian struts through the turmoil as if he contributed.

3.  Midwestern Manners.  The fans in the midwest have a reputation for being loyal to their teams without crossing any lines.  In November, Wisconsin fans were a bit dismayed at the officials in their game against Nebraska.  They expressed that dismay in a very cold way.  They threw snow balls.

4.  Keep It In the Family.  Football is an emotional game.  When players lose their tempers, it is incumbent upon the coaches to keep them in line.  When coaches lose their tempers, that burden fall upon the blogosphere.  In October, Notre Dame's Brian Kelly rightly drew the ire of many when he completely lost his cool with an assistant.

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