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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cooking with Banshee: Blackberry Margarita

I am a huge fan of margaritas ... especially on the rocks.  I have a go-to margarita recipe that I make a couple of times a week.  But, variety is the spice of life, so I tested a new margarita recipe this week.  This margarita comes from Cooking Light, but I'm not sure what's light about it.  These sweet Blackberry Margaritas are every bit as delicious as they look.  And, don't take a short cut by skipping the rims on the glasses.  The salty sweet rims elevate these margaritas from tasty to terrific.

Blackberry Margaritas

Margarita Ingredients:
1 cup simple syrup
1 cup silver tequila
3/4 cup triple sec
2/3 cup lime juice
12 oz fresh blackberries

Margarita Directions:
Combine all the drink ingredients in a blender.  Process until smooth.  Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth lined sieve and into a pitcher.

Salt and Sugar Rim Ingredients:
1 Tbs kosher salt
1 Tbs sugar
1 lime

Rimming Directions:
Combine the sugar and salt and place on a small plate.  The sugar-salt mixture should be distributed in a ring about the same circumference as the glasses you will use.  Set the plate aside.  Slice the lime into wedges.  Use one wedge per glass (can be traditional margarita glasses or a tumblers).  Cut a slice in the the meat of each lime wedge.  Insert the lime wedge onto the rim of the glass.

Assembly Directions:
Rub the rim of each glass with a lime wedge.  Squeeze a little to make sure the juice is getting on the rim.  Rotate the juicy rims of the glasses in the sugar and salt mixture until you have a nice even rim all around.  Fill the sugar and salt rimmed glasses with ice.  Carefully pour the drink contents from the pitcher into the glasses.  Enjoy!

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