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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calling NFL Fans

Unless your favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Jets, you probably feel like your team gets short shrift in the national media.  And when your team does get mentioned, it's often limited to a trite, oft-repeated and sometimes false narrative.  In these moments, you find yourself wondering why Joe Pundit has a daily radio gig and your audience is limited to the 2 guys whose cubicles neighbor yours.

Well, here is your chance to right this wrong!  It's still a little over 3 months until the NFL season begins.  And, in that time, I'd like to get posts on as many different NFL teams as I can.  I could write stuff myself, but I'm no expert on the Kansas City Chiefs or the St. Louis Rams.  I'd end up posting just more of the same garbeldy-goop that you get from the big boys at the Worldwide Leader.

So, I'm looking to you fine folks.  Write something on your favorite team this offseason.  It can be about a player to watch for this season.  Off season moves.  The reason why everyone should love your team.  Interesting personnel moves.  The game day stadium experience.  Anything that you feel passionately about and think the rest of the sports world should hear.  You write it and email it to me.  I'll edit it and post it here on Banshee Sports.

Need some ideas on what to write?  Here's what's been contributed so far:
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers
Buffalo Bills
Washington Redskins

Let's do this thing!

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