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Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Banshee Sports Bracket Challenge

Last Place Prize if
50 Entries
The 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins this week.  That means it's time for the fourth annual Banshee Sports Bracket Challenge.  Not only will the winner have the chance to join the elite company of past champions Chris Carlberg, J.B. Erico and Joseph Lee, but as always, there is a fun prize on the line.

Last year, the Final Four was in Texas, so a salsa prize pack was up for grabs.  This year, the Final Four will be in Indianapolis.  Midwesterners love their ribs and pulled pork, so the winner of this year's competition will get a sixth-month subscription to the Barbecue Sauce of the Month Club.

We are going to add a little twist this year.  If we can get fifty people in the competition, we will have a special booby prize for the last placed entry.  So, please spread the word.  Twitter.  Email.  Facebook.  Whatever works to get your friends involved.

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