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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tasty Twelve Months

Wild Banshee cooking for
New Year's Day bowl games
Banshee Sports turns one year old today.  As the name would indicate, this is primarily a sports blog.  But everyone enjoys watching sports more when they have good food and cold beverages to drink.  Over the course of the year, I've shared some of my favorite recipes.  I received a reader request to assemble them all together in one place.  What better opportunity to do that than on Banshee Sports birthday.  Looking back, it sure has been a tasty twelve months.

Toppings and Dips:  Even the most casual of gatherings requires something to munch on.  These recipes are easy to make ahead and serve up on game day.

Triple Threat Topping:  This was the first recipe I posted on Banshee Sports.  I make this on a regular basis and almost always have a supply of it on hand in my fridge.

Artichoke Bacon Dip:  This recipe includes homemade chili pita chips.  This is a strong flavored dip.

Banshee Queso:  This is as simple as cooking can get.  But, I get a request for this at almost every party I host or attend.

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip:  This is basically the Olive Garden version of this common dip.  But, I did add just a little twist of my own.

Main Dishes:  Even when there isn't any ball being played, we all need to eat.  These dishes are excellent for any occassion.

Becky Lee's Sweet Chili:  Everyone has their own favorite chili recipe.  I will not claim to be a chili cooking champion.  But, I will say that no one has ever turned their nose up at my version.  It's also perfect for chili cheese fries or to top baked potatoes and nachos.

Chicken Enchiladas:  I originally got this recipe from the Joyful Momma website.  But, I spiced it up a bit.

Flat Iron Steak Burritos
Steak and Veggies:  Back to old school basics with this one.  You can't go wrong with a good steak and complimentary fixins.

Sloppy Swiss Burgers:  The Swiss cheese is a nice compliment to the sweet and spicy Triple Threat Topping.

Flat Iron Steak Burritos:  This is quite possibly my favorite thing to make ... and not only because it's a good excuse to drink margaritas.

Fish and Chips:  Any time you break out the deep fryer, it's a big production.  But there aren't too many things that beat a good fish fry.

Chicken Enchilada Suiza Bake:  This is Mexican style comfort food.  A delicious casserole that can be made ahead and reheats well.

Cocktails and Drinks:  Down in the Banshee Lair, I get to do a lot of experimenting in the art of mixology.  Here are some of my favorite concoctions.

Banshee Collins:  This vodka drink is simple and light, but it does pack a punch.  If you enjoy vodka, you'll enjoy this.

Pomegranate Margarita:  A very sweet margarita.  Not nearly as strong as the traditional version of the drink.

Southern Belle
Gold Margarita:  Of course, the idea of making margaritas with gold tequila is not original.  But, this is largely my own creation.  I don't know how traditionalists will feel about it.  But my guests have always enjoyed it.

Southern Belle:  This vodka drink is pretty and tasty.

Cherry Beer Margaritas:  This is a good party drink.  The recipe makes a small pitcher.

Branberry Schorr:  This recipe came to me from my Aunt Kathie.  She is a classy lady, and she invented this classy drink.

Sweet Tequila Tea:  This is a great party drink.  You can make it ahead of time, and even though it features tequila, it is not too strong.

Well, that's the Cooking with Banshee year in review.  Hope you find something here that suits your fancy.  There should me many more tasty treats in the years to come.  So, stay tuned.  And if you have any recipes that you'd like to share, drop me a line by email or on Facebook.

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