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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Madness Master 2015

On Monday night, the Duke Blue Devils won NCAA men's basketball championship.  It wasn't until the final horn ended the game in Indianapolis that Chris Carlberg could officially be crowned king of the 2015 Banshee Sports Bracket Challenge.

The whole complexion of the bracket challenge changed when Kentucky was eliminated in the semi-finals.  When the championship game tipped off on Monday night, Jerry Wetzel, AKACliffy and Chris Carlberg were the only participants still in position to win it all.  Jerry had Wisconsin picked as the champion.  Chris and AKACliffy both had Duke.  When Duke won the title, Chris won the bracket challenge and and the barbecue sauce by virtue of the tie breaker.  Chris predicted the final score would favor Duke by a score of 67-63.  The actual final score was 68-63.

Chris Carlberg is a familiar name on this website.  Chris won the inaugural Banshee Sports Bracket Challenge in 2012.  Chris also bared his soul to the world in his heartfelt post on the Buffalo Bills that appeared as part of the Fan's Voice series.  Chris is a worthy recipient of the barbecue sauce because he is the father of three children with healthy, meat-loving appetites.

When asked about his thoughts on winning the 2015 Banshee Sports Bracket Challenge, Chris replied, "It's not about having the best bracket.  It's about beating Jerry Wetzel at one thing in life."

Thank you to all who participated in this year's competition.  Until next year ....

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